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Our mission here at Movella Assembly is to preach the Truth. Truth is a person; His name is Jesus Christ. In these last days that we are living in we are in desperate need of the propagation of the truth. Sin will never enter into Heaven, and just because you want to go doesn’t mean that you will.

You must find the Saviour and this truth is found in John 3:7 in our Lord’s words to Nicodemous “Ye must be born again.”

There are those that seem to believe that truth can be done away with on the grounds of love and unity. It is true that God is love and that He wants the brethren to dwell together in unity. Love and unity cannot exist though without the truth. It is our desire to be that truth. If we can find the truth, then there will be love and there will be unity. He did not ask us to diminish that in any way. Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:15  “But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: “

It is important to note the order, speak the truth, in love, not the other way around. Love doesn’t come before the truth. In fact, you can’t know what real love is until you know the truth.

To truly be free and to know love is to find Jesus. He makes men free and He surely loves us. He gave himself for us and He is the answer to all of life’s issues.

The Truth, the Life and the Way it’s Him and it will always be Him!

Alan Hinton

Senior Pastor

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Here you will discover a warm group of real people dedicated to following our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What to Expect

Parking conveniently located adjacently south and north of the main entrance. We have a portico located at our north entrance with full handicap accessibility to ensure safety during inclement weather.

Sundays at 9:45 am 

Join us in our of our many Sunday school classes we have to offer. 

Nursery services available.

Sundays at 11:00 am & 6:00 pm

Wednesday at 7:00 pm 

Join us with our Praise and Worship Team to start the service followed by Pastor Alan Hinton bringing the Word of God.

Nursery services available for Sunday morning service.

Nursery care available, infants – 4 year old, during Sunday School and Sunday Morning Worship from 9:45-12 pm.

Sunday School classes during each service for kids K – 5th grade – Sunday 9:45. 

During Sunday Morning Worship pre-K 4 – 12 years old have Children’s Church with our Children | Youth Pastors Wesley and Jessica Subel.

Wednesday night discipleship classes

  • Rainbows – Ages 8 and under
  • Missionettes – Age 8-12
  • Royal Rangers – Age 8-12

Join our Children | Youth Pastors Wesley and Jessica Subel for services twice weekly.

Sunday School – Sunday 9:45

Traditional Youth Service – Sunday evenings 5:00

Youth Discipleship Classes – Wednesday evenings 7:00

Beyond Service Classes

All Beyond Service Classes are available at appointed times on Sundays and Wednesdays. These classes are a wonderful opportunity to grow in Biblical knowledge, ask questions and get to know people here at Movella.

Rainbows – ages 7 and under, meets Wednesdays 7:00pm

Missionettes – age 8-12, meets Wednesdays 7:00pm

Royal Rangers – age 8-12, meets Wednesdays 7:00pm

Discipleship Training – age 13+, meets Wednesdays 7:00pm

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The doctrine of Salvation forms the core of our Christian faith by proclaiming God’s victory over sin in our lives. This truth results in deliverances, healings and restored lives. Whether a new member or a mature Christian, every believer should have a clear understanding of salvation and the difference this truth makes in our lives and churches.




Wherever Jesus went, He ministered with compassion and healed the sick. Christ’s example showed an interconnection with salvation as many believed following their healing. Our Lord continues to heal today and it is vital that the church preach, teach and practice this biblical truth. Scriptures command believers to pray in faith and trust God for the outcome.




The doctrine of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is our distinctive. This truth explains the passion and power of our witness. Jesus promised His followers they would receive power from on high so that they would be His witnesses. We believe this truth is just as relevant today as our Fellowship continues to take the gospel message around the globe.




With the world experiencing natural disasters, economic downturns and increasing uncertainties on many fronts, the doctrine of Christ’s Second Coming is more relevant than ever. Believers must rest in the certainty of the imminent return of our Lord and share this hope with others.

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